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Bahrain press headlines
Manama, Oct. 12 (BNA): Bahrain dailies issued today focused in their principal headlines on the main local, Arab and international events which happened over the past 24 hours.
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Traffic safety awareness plea
Manama, Dec.1 (BNA): Traffic Culture Director Major Osama Bahar today called on parents to help raise their children's awareness so as to avert any mishaps and ensure their safety.
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UAE Legend Hussain Al Jassmi to perform at Arad Fort
Manama, Mar. 9. (BNA) -- Renowned Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi is set to take the stage this Friday March 13th at Arad Fort, performing some of his top hits to Bahrain’s audience.
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وزير العمل يتسلم نسخة من رسالة الدكتوراه لخالد عبد الرحمن
المنامة في 28 اكتوبر / بنا/ استقبل سعادة وزير العمل رئيس مجلس إدارة هيئة تنظيم سوق العمل جميل بن محمد علي حميدان مؤخرا مدير إدارة مراجعة تصاريح العمل بهيئة تنظيم سوق العمل الدكتور خالد عبد الرحمن، بحضور الرئيس التنفيذي للهيئة السيد أسامة بن عبد الله العبسي. وقدم الدكتور خالد عبد الرحمن إلى سعادة الوزير نسخة من رسالته في الدكتوراة والتي تناقش تأثير الأنماط القيادية على عملية التطوير التنظيمي من خلال إدارة التغيير بالتطبيق على الهيئات المنظمة لسوق العمل بمملكة البحرين.
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UoB Faculty of Engineering student designs a prototype eco-friendly hotel building
Manama: Sept. 4 ---(BNA)-- University of Bahrain (UoB) Faculty of Engineering student, Ayesha Al-Shaiji, designed a prototype eco-friendly hotel building on Jale'a island east of Muharraq in order to promote this healthy, environmentally-friendly type of buildings in Bahrain. The research student presented her blueprints to satisfy her graduation requirements alongside with 40 or so architectural engineering graduation projects by the end of the last semester. She says this is the first time such project is introduced in Bahrain although similar hotel buildings already exist in Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.
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The Egyptian Dar Al-Efta’a: Inner Intention is a Condition for a True Fasting, and One Inner Intention is enough for Fasting the Whole Month of Ramadan
Cairo, July 10th (BNA) –The Egyptian Dar Al-Efta’a stressed that the inner intention is a condition of the true fasting and one of its important pillars, and its time starts from the sunset till little before the Fajr Azzan, and if the inner intention is held after the Fajr time, so fasting is incorrect among majority of scholars.
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BJA and MPs hold joint session in Ramadan
Manama, July 8 (BNA) – Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) organizes, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives, a joint meeting includes media personnel and MPs on Friday evening at the BJA headquarters in Juffair.
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Anti-Tobacco Campaign to Be organised
Manama, June 13. (BNA) -- The mass marathon is kicking off on Friday June 14th with Medical Camp aimed at getting the people aware of the adverse effects of tobacco and their social commitment. This year’s Marathon will feature more than1000 participants. Malayalam wing of Discover Islam, the nonprofit social service organization is hosting the event.
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On the sidelines of the International Conference of Public Administration:A seminar on Middle Eastern women's role in public administration kicks off Wednesday.
Manama, May 18th (BNA) –Within the framework of Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) arrangements to host the 29th International Conference of Public Administration, scheduled for June 1 to 6, 2013 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a seminar will be held on the fifth day of the Conference on the role of Middle Eastern women in the public administration sector.
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A group of students from Salman Cultural Center take part in an international competition
Manama, May 6 (BNA) -- A group of students from Salman Cultural Center, under the umbrella of the ‘Badge of Excellence’ program, took part in an international competition entitled "Egypt in the eyes of the children of the world".
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