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National Action Charter: a Guarantor of Press Freedom /Report
Manama, Feb. 11. (BNA) -- The National Action Charter has been a solid guarantor of freedom of opinion and expression, reflected in the freedom of press, within the framework of the atmosphere of freedom and transparency anchored by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's comprehensive Reform Project. HM King Hamad's keenness not to allow the imprisonment of any journalist or close any media establishment and support for enacting a modern and enlightened Press and Publications Law reflect HM's backing of the Bahraini press and the vital role it plays in the kingdom's progress and development.
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Citizens Praise National Action Charter
Manama, Feb. 11. (BNA) -- The National Action Charter is a major event in the kingdom's modern history that has engendered, over the last decade, numerous political, economic and social reforms from which all Bahrainis have profited, said Bahraini citizens.
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