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B’Tselem: Israel is Preparing to Annex Jordan Valley
Occupied Jerusalem, May. 12 (BNA) -- The radical leftist group B’Tselem issued a report today stating that Israel has instituted a policy in the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea that exploits the resources of the area more intensively than in the rest of Judea and Samaria. According to the report, Israel has taken over 77.5 percent of the lands using various measures, and that in the last two years, the Civil Administration has destroyed buildings belonging to the Bedouin communities in these areas.
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Israel reinforcing troops in West Bank ahead of expected protests
Occupied Jerusalem, May. 12 (BNA) -- The Israeli army has begun reinforcing its troops in the West Bank ahead of demonstrations Israel fears will break out on May 15, the anniversary of Israel's founding, Isreali newspapers reported today. According to the report in the Israeli daily, Israel Defence Force (IDF) Chief of Staff Benny Ganz met with brigade commanders in the West Bank Wednesday to review preparation for the expected protests.
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Israel forces arrest 9 Palestinians in West Bank
Occupied Jerusalem, May. 12 (BNA) -- Israeli forces arrested 9 Palestinians last night from the West Bank. According to Israeli Radio, the 9 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces late last night with allegations of being 'wanted' suspects and had refered them to Israeli military forces for further investigation.
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GCC General Secretary condemns the sectarian violence in Egypt
Riyadh, May. 11 (BNA) -- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) General Secretary Dr. Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani condemned the sectarian violence witnessed in Egypt recently, describing it as a painful incident to all Arabs and Muslims.
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Saudi King Receives Call from US President
Riyadh-May11(BNA)Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdulla bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud has today received a telephone call from US President Barack Obama and discussed bilateral relations and regional and international developments.
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Shaikh Al Azhar confirms that Bahrain's security is part of Islam's security
Cairo, May. 11 (BNA) -- Sheikh of Al-Azhar University Mohammed Al Tayyeb confirmed that Bahrain will remain dear to Egypt, pointing out that whoever targets its security would be targeting Islam, asking God to prevent the conspiracy plot and strife.
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UAE calls for strengthening international efforts to protect civilians in armed conflict areas
New York, May 11 (BNA) -- The United Arab Emirates before the UN Security Council meeting last night has called to strengthen the international efforts to protect civilians in armed conflict areas, especially the Palestinian and Libyan people confirming the continuation of its support and participation in the efforts of the United Nations.
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Bahraini opponents in Najaf supported by Iraqi Shiits powers
Manama, May 11 (BNA) -- An informed source at the Political Bureau of Sadr Movement in Iraq revealed that more than 30 Bahraini opponents are staying in Najaf and are fully supported by Shiits political and religious figures to work against the political system in Bahrain.
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GCC Leaders Welcome The Bid of Jordan and Morocco to Join the GCC
Riyadh–May10(BNA) Jordan and Morocco have submitted bids to join the Gulf Cooperative Council.
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Abbas calls Egypt to end the siege
Ramalla, May 9 (BNA) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Egypt to work seriously to end the siege imposed on Gaza and practice more pressures on Israel to pay the taxes of the National Authority within its commitment to maintain the rights of Palestinian people.
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