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Egypt Nominates Dr. Al Faqi for the Post of Arab League Secretary General
Cairo, April 11. (BNA) - Egypt has officially nominated Dr. Mustafa Al Faqi for the post of Secretary General of the Arab League whose current Secretary General Amr Moussa’s term in office will end on May 5. Dr. Al Faqi is the second nominee for the post after Qatari Abdulrahman Al Atiyya had presented his candidacy last week.
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Israeli forces closes Karam Abu Salim crossing
Gaza, April 11 (BNA) -- Israeli occupational forces decided to close today Karam Abu Salim crossing south of Gaza for security reasons as they claimed. Enjneer Ra'ad Fatouh head of Custom said that the Israeli forces informed him to close the crossing for security reasons , adding that the crossing is being closed for the 6th day on the run which causes lot of commercial lost.
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Lebanese Officials Slam Iranian Flagrant Interference in GCC Affairs
Riyadh-Apr 10 (BNA) --Leading Lebanese personalities from across the board have today rallied to stress the legitimacy of dispatching the Peninsula Shield forces, at the request of the Manama authorities and in line with the GCC joint defence agreements.
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Saudi Foreign Minister Slams Iranian Statements
Riyadh - Apr 10 (BNA) -- Riyadh – April 10 (BNA) Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal has today strongly criticized his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi, who had attacked the policy of Saudi Arabia and other GCC member states. The Iranian stance follows the GCC decision to dispatch the Peninsula Shield forces to ensure the safety of vital facilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In a statement to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Prince Al-Faisal deplored the fact that " "Tehran continues to give itself the right to interfere in the affairs of the region and its states and violate their sovereignty and independence", adding that the Iranian statements would fuel sedition and foment unrest in the region.
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Yemeni President Receives UN Official
Sana’a, April 10. (BNA) - Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh received here today the Secretary General of the United Nations’ Special Political Advisor Jamel bin Omar, currently visiting Yemen.
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Fire destroys row of furniture stores near Jenin
Jenin, April 10 (BNA) -- A fire erupted in the center of the northern west Bank village of Bart’a Ash-Sharqiya near Jenin Sunday morning destroying 13 stores before firefighters and volunteers managed to put out the blaze.
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Israeli settlers detain more Palestinians in latest Awarta sweep
Nablus, April 10. (BNA) -- Caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad announced Sunday that he would visit the village of Awarta, after Israeli forces entered the village to carry out the fifth arrest campaign, detaining nine, including a mother, father and daughter. According to Palestinian Newspaper Ma'an, this morning raids followed close on the heels of a mass round up on Friday, which saw more than 100 women forcibly taken from their homes, along with tens of men, and subjected to DNA testing and finger printing.
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GCC Foreign Ministers to Meet Tomorrow
Riyadh-April9–(BNA)–The GCC Foreign Ministers will tomorrow –April10- hold an extraordinary meeting as part of efforts led by the Gulf countries to help Yemeni parties overcome the crisis their country faces.
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Lebanese Shiite Cleric Sayyed Ali Al Amin Slams Iran's Interference in GCC Affairs
Beirut, April 9. (BNA) - High ranking Lebanese Shiite Muslim Cleric Sayyed Ali Al Amin has criticized the Najaf Shi’a clerics for keeping silent during the regretful incidents that took place in Bahrain and for not urging its followers to engage in the national dialogue initiative launched by the Bahraini leadership. He also denounced the "contradictory" stances of the scientific Hawza in Najaf, explaining that it forbid the protests in Iraq and did not comment on similar ones in Bahrain, which, he said, signifies that it has become archaic and acts according to the whims of the Iraqi leaders.
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Abu Dhabi Crown Prince receives US Defence Secretary
Abu Dhabi, April 8 (BNA) Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan received today US Defence Secretary Robert Gates who is visiting Abu Dhabi as part of a regional tour.
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