16 youth graduate from The King Hamad Faith In Leadership fellows program

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By Rasha Al Ebrahim

Manama, Aug. 22 (BNA): The second batch of the King Hamad Faith in Leadership fellow program graduated at a special ceremony in Manama.

The second batch of 16 brings the total of graduates in the program to 40 amid growing efforts by the King Hamad Global Center for Peaceful Coexistence to promote among the new generation of young leaders the values of openness, pluralism, cultural harmony and diversity.

Such values mark the Bahraini society and reflect HM’s vision about tolerance, peace and religious and human coexistence.

"The real target is just to make the participants aware that the confidence they have is already in themselves," Founder and Director of 'Faith In Leadership' program Krish Raval, said.

"They are the brightest and energetic and naturally gifted. We look forward to them being leaders of today and not just leaders of tomorrow. The program is based largely on a program that we ran in the UK and the program has three parts," he said.

The first part is intended to enable the students to understand that the leadership resides in oneself. The second part is about leadership from the outside and ways to interact with others. The third part is about the application of leadership to make a difference in society. These young people are so amazing thanks to the investment of 'This Is Bahrain' and The King Hamad Global Centre for the visionary example, he added.

"The idea is that we live in mixed societies unless we have entities like the King Hamad Global Centre and the program that ran to introduce one community to another, people will exist in silence. We teach the participants that in order to have a greater society we need to bring people together. We teach people to disagree well."

Chairperson of “This Is Bahrain Society” and Deputy of King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Co-Existence Betsy Mathieson said "This is something that is very dear to the heart of His Majesty the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa."

"'This Is Bahrain' and the King Hamad Global Centre are honored to play a part and realize the same vision and philosophy that peaceful co-existence and religious freedom are the right of every man, woman and child living on the planet," she said.

"For these programs, we have been overwhelmed by applications from young people throughout the Kingdom. This is a testament to the success as the 40 graduates have already gone out to share their programs with others in the kingdom."

The leadership skills are able to recognize the different personality types and ways to deal with them, she added.

"Understanding the faith stories of others around the world, learning to choose the words and to deal with different personalities and bringing people together and living as one family as we do in the kingdom of Bahrain," she said.

The King Hamad “Faith In Leadership” fellows program in conjunction with Oxford and Cambridge University is a world’s first.

The 40 graduates and 20 certified trainers are going out as young ambassadors to the US, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France and many other parts of the world to train other young people in His Majesty's visionary leadership philosophy based on the Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration.

"I should remind everyone that King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Co-Existence signed an MOU with the US State Department - the first NGO to do so in the history of the US government. This was based on the King Hamad Faith In Leadership fellows program and the Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration," she said.

"We are about to go to the United Nations General Assembly in New York next month where the United Nations International Institutes for Training and Research will sign an MOU with us to endorse the Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration, the King Hamad 'Faith In Leadership' program and the King Hamad Chair. We are going to be working with the United Nations UNITAR to bring this program to young people around the world and we will be working with them in Geneva as well as in New York."