A Dour phase II plan, 400 kv transmission are highlight for power sector in 2012 said Dr Ali Mirza

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Arrackal Alexander Mathan Manama, Dec 12 (BNA) -- Electricity transmission in the Kingdom of Bahrain readies for a giant leap by 2014, “with the transmission sector preparing to move to 400 kilovolt (kv) by 2014. The move is expected to be initiated by 2013 and three substations are planned towards this end, Minister for Energy, Dr AbdulHussain Ali Mirza told the Bahrain News Agency.

Explaining the plan, the minister said that three substations would be established in this plan – one each at Umm Al Hassam, Riff and Al Hidd. As part of the achievements for 2012, the minister said, “another significant step being taken is the move to expand Al Dour power station power generation capacity. It is planned to build phase II at a cost of $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion. “ In addition, Bahrain has achieved excess production levels in both electricity and water, he said. While the electricity need of the nation is three megawatt the production capacity has already touched four megawatt, an excess of one megawatt. Water production has reached 210 gallons per day, while consumption is 160 gallons per day, he added. Asked about the excess production in both water and electricity, the minister said that the excess production was needed to feed the needs of the new developments and the new projects that are in the pipeline. Transmission of electricity has also made a way forward, when one compares the last three years and looks at the way ahead three years from now. Dr Mirza said $800 million outlay has been earmarked for establishing and strengthening new 66 kv and 220 kv substations in all the five governorates. Turning to distribution, the minister said that the officials in this sector were seized of the need to minimize (if not eliminate) the suffering to the people during the 2012 summer. The gap has been successfully narrowed, he added. EM