AGU’s students successfully complete medical research programme in ORA

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Manama, Aug. 18 (BNA): The first batch of outstanding and gifted students in the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) have successfully completed the International Medical Research Programme in Oxford Royale Academy (ORA), the UK.


The vocational programme featured workshops and discussions on various types of medical researches, and it also included lectures on clinical examinations of different organs of the body and the discussion of different medical scenarios that simulate real situations they may face in the future.


The programme also included debates on ethical cases as well as the rules governing the medical practices and discussions on the medical rules at the global level. During the activity, AGU students were granted the opportunity to learn about the healthcare systems that are currently in place in several countries around the world in order to benefit from the advantages each system has. They were also given field visits to the main medical laboratories and medical training centres in Oxford city.


The enrolees to the programme from AGU included Saif Al Deen Al Jodar, Abyen Al Yamani, Isa Al Hadi and Zainab Matrook, all of whom hailed the experience they enjoyed during their participation in the programme, expressing their wish to have it for another time. Moreover, they thanked AGU and its President Dr Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al Ohaly for their support to the gifted students and investing in them in order to encourage them and to motivate other students to showcase their talents to be accepted in this programme.


It's worth citing that the Talents Programme for students of the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences in AGU is the first of its kind the Arab world and it was introduced as part of AGU’s strategic plan for 2017-2021 which is giving special attention to innovation and supporting talented and gifted students.