Al Salam Bank sponsors INJAZ Bahrain’s Signature Award for Young Entrepreneurs

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Manama, June 28 (BNA): Al Salam Bank announced its support for INJAZ Bahrain’s 14th annual National Young Entrepreneurs Competition.

The competition is set to take place on June 28-29, by sponsoring the Signature Award for “Best Booth and Brand” as part of the Company Program curriculum, organized by INJAZ Bahrain for high school and university students in the Kingdom.

The sponsorship, which focuses on honing the talent of Bahraini youth and equipping them with the required skill set to excel in the entrepreneurial field, comes in line with Al Salam Bank’s commitment to nurturing local youth and supporting the wellbeing of the local community at large.

The Company Program is INJAZ Bahrain’s signature curriculum, implemented in high schools and universities to offer students the opportunity to experience the entire life cycle of a start-up company and discover all the elements of entrepreneurship under the supervision of mentors that have volunteered from the private sector. Participating students will benefit from practical experience and exposure to free-market concepts, in the likes of governance and capital.

This year’s National Young Entrepreneurs Competition will include a host of judges, including Mr. Mahmood Qannati, representing Al Salam Bank. The Signature Award, which will be awarded on 29th of June, recognizes the participating student that demonstrated the best leadership and team management abilities.

“We are pleased to be supporting the Bahraini youth and empowering them to become future leaders in a variety of industries. Through this initiative, we aim to encourage the students to expose themselves to experiences that will enable them to enhance their skills, all while positively contributing to the prosperity of the Kingdom’s economy. Our support of INJAZ Bahrain reiterates our ongoing commitment towards supporting the social and financial wellbeing of the community and developing future generations of talented entrepreneurs and professionals in Bahrain,” Muna Al Balooshi, Head of Human Resources and Administration at Al Salam Bank, said.

By forming various partnerships and launching various community-led initiatives throughout the year, Al Salam Bank aims to provide young talent with increased career training opportunities in order to help them gain various professional skills to better enable them to excel in the job market in the future, with the overall aim of fulfilling the Bank’s role towards Bahrain’s 2030 Economic Vision.