BACA to hold 3rd ‘Call of Manama’ meeting

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Manama, Jan. 19 (BNA): The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) will tomorrow hold the third “Call of Manama” meeting at 04:00 pm in Bab Al-Bahrain, as part of its efforts to preserve Manama’s heritage sites.

 The event will be an opportunity for BACA to present its strategy for Manama, including its plans to revive a number of urban and cultural projects in Manama, as well as to inaugurate a map that would include various cultural and historical destinations in the iconic city.

 Manama boasts unique urban cultural features and distinct cultural diversity that confirm its importance as a centre for co-existence and peace, and thanks to which BACA had succeeded in including the city in UNESCO’s preliminary world heritage list in 2018.

 The meeting will enable BACA to launch its investment in human, urban and cultural identity initiative, through which it seeks to build partnerships with the private sector, official entities and the local community to increase interest in preserving human and urban heritage in the historic city of Manama.

 The initiative aims to enhance the living environment in Manama so as to enable it to regain its vital role as a capital of cultural, human and religious diversity, as well as a centre for civilisation and qualitative investment, ahead of including it in the world human heritage list and activating its role as a world creativity city.