HRH Premier issues Edict 25/2019

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Manama, Nov. 12 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa issued Edict 25/2019 amending some of the provisions of Edict 50/2015 regarding establishment and formation of the Strategy and Coordination Committee of Frequency Spectrum.

The text of (Article One) of Edict 50/2015 has been replaced with the following text: A committee designated "The Strategy and Coordination for Frequency Spectrum Committee) has been established hereinafter referred to as "The Committee", presided by CEO of the Informatics and e-Government Authority, and representative members from the following:

1- Representative of the Wireless and Frequencies Licensing and Monitoring Directorate at the Informatics and E-Government Authority.

2- Representative of the Telecommunications Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications.

3- Representative of the Seaports and Maritime Navigation Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications.

4- Representative of the Civil Aviation Affairs at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications.

5- Representative of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

6- Representative of the National Security Agency.

7- Representative of the Bahrain Defence Force.

8- Representative of the Ministry of Interior.

9- Representative of the National Guard.

10- Representative of the Information Affairs Ministry.

11- Representative of the National Space Science Agency.

These entities shall name their representative to the committee provided that the rank of their representative shall not be less than departmental director.

A new clause  under the number (7) has been added to Article Three of Edict 50/2015 as follows:

7- Participation in the international meetings and conferences pertaining to frequency spectrum, after coordination and follow-up with the concerned entities."

The concerned entities shall implement the provisions of this edict effective from the date of issuance, and to be published in the Official Gazette.


BNA 1006 GMT 2019/11/12