Samsung’s turnover touch $62 billion in first six months of 2019

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Seoul, Aug. 18 (BNA): Samsung’s turnover in the first half of 2019 touched $62 billion, with 86 percent coming from abroad, South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co said in its semiannual financial report.

The figures demonstrate the heavy influence that the company, responsible for 20 percent of South Korea's total exports in the first half of this year, has on the country's national economy.

The overseas revenue accounted for 20.6 percent of total exports of Asia's fourth-largest economy, the report said, according to South Korea's national news agency Yonhap.

Samsung earned most of its profits from the overseas market. Its sales in North America were 21.2 trillion won, way ahead of China with 17.8 trillion won. Asia, excluding South Korea and China, came next with 16.7 trillion won, followed by Europe with 9 trillion won.