An ambitious railway network planned to crisscross the GCC states: a success story

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Manama: Dec. 20 (BNA) -- A success story resonates from the inter-GCC states' railway network aimed to enable rapid modernization of the sisterly GCC countries and to link as many cities and villages in them as possible.

The project has become imperative in view of the increasingly growing need for speedier, safer, easier and inexpensive means of cargo-and-passenger conveyance which had been proposed during the GCC Summit Conference in Muscat in 2004. Fiscal and technical snags led to delaying of the project's implementation which was initially planned to be completed by the end of 2012 so as to coincide with the 33rd GCC Summit due to be convened in the Kingdom of Bahrain next week. The 2000-km long railway line runs from the State of Kuwait alongside the eastern coastal plains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia connecting all six GCC capital cities depends on diesel fuel – and not electric fuel – so as to convey passengers and cargo throughout the countries of the Gulf region. The railway line will link the Kingdom of Bahrain (with a length of 33 km), the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman. The railway line is aimed to boost GCC economies, contribute into sustainable development, economic integration and increase trade exchanging and passenger movement. IY