Authority to settle individual disputes amicably

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Manama, Jan. 25 (BNA): The establishment of the Individual Labor Disputes Settlement Authority at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development reflects the ministry’s keenness to find rapid mechanisms to resolve individual labor disputes in a manner that guarantees the protection of the rights of the worker and the employer in Bahrain, the minister has said.

The authority aims to undertake an amicable settlement of any individual dispute between the worker and the employer with the consent of both parties and before having recourse to the law courts, Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, the Minister of Labor and Social Development, said.

The establishment of the authority is based on Article 119 of the 2012 Labor Law in the private sector and its amendments.

An order of the Minister shall determine the said Authority’s organisation, procedures, rules and methods of settlement of disputes.

If a settlement of the dispute is reached, the Authority will draw up a statement in this regard to be signed by both parties to the dispute or their representative and the concerned officer. Such statement will have the force of an execution deed.

The ministry will prepare an integrated and efficient team to manage this authority and to work to resolve individual labor disputes amicably, within the framework of the labor law in the private sector and to reduce the number of cases before the judiciary, Humaidan said.

This will boost the rate of solving individual labor disputes in the ministry without resorting to the judiciary, he added.

“Labor legislation in Bahrain is among the developed legislations globally and it guarantees the rights of the three production parties. It also provides a sound and safe work environment,” the minister said.

The establishment of an individual dispute settlement authority is in line with the decisions of the labor law in the private sector as well as with ministerial decisions, he added.