BAS announces appointment of senior Bahraini women in leadership roles

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Manama, Mar. 8 (BNA): CEO of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) Mohamed Khalil announced the appointment and promotion of senior Bahraini women in leadership positions across various divisions and departments in the company.
Recent appointments to the Executive Management included Haneen A. Aziz, who was promoted to Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Hana Abdulwahid as Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO).
Other notable appointments included Aysha Al Shirawi as Manager Strategy and PMO and further promotions included Fatima Al Bastaki to the position of Manager Financial Reporting, Payables and Controls, Layla Mukhtar to the position of Manager Internal Audit and Nasreen Qasim to the position of Payroll Manager.
These appointments reinforce the position of Bahraini women in BAS and complement the company's efforts to support the role of women by initiating the actual implementation of the strategy to support women's empowerment, which previously included women's appointments to leadership positions including Hanan Edwards as Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing and Shareefa Abdulrahman as Manager Receivables, VAT and Treasury.
It coincided with the recent launch of BAS’s Equal Opportunity Committee that primarily aims to support women in the company by formulating empowerment strategies, reviewing ways and mechanisms that can contribute to achieving gender balance, integrating women's needs and enhancing the company’s ability to attract and retain female talent.
Khalil stressed that the formation of the Equal Opportunities Committee reflects the executive management's belief in the importance of strengthening the role of women in the workforce in line with the principles set by the Supreme Council for Women (SCW).
Khalil also said that the committee aims to support the directions of the national gender balance model and the integration of women's needs in career development by adopting and disseminating qualitative reports of gender balance in the company, developing policies, strategies, initiatives and services, such as the adoption of flexible working hours for female employees to reconcile family and professional life, and other initiatives that enable the integration of women's needs.
The CEO praised the members of the committee who represent BAS’s various departments and divisions, hoping that the members will achieve the objectives of the committee and produce initiatives that will progress and achieve gender balance in a planned and successful manner.