Bahrain-Indian trade exchanges soaring

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Manama, Aug.23 (BNA): Aluminum topped Bahrain’s exports to India totaling $140. 3 million.

According to 2018 statistics, Bahrain imported industrial products and machinery worth $79.2 million.

India has been ranked as Bahrain’s 7th partner for trade imports and the the 6th for exports.

Indian exports to Bahrain soared by 43% over the past two years (2017-2018) while imports from Bahrain grew by 19% during the same period.

Meanwhile, the volume of non-oil trade exchanges grew by 24.6% between 2016 and 2018 to top a total of $1.10 billion.

Bahrain’s investments grew threefold in less than three years, jumping from $48 million in 2014 to %140 million in 2017.

Bahrain’s investments in India are concentrated in several sectors, mainly food, energy, finance and banking, maritime operations, seaports and containers.

Meanwhile, Indian investments in Bahrain topped $1.6 billion in 2017, focusing particularly in the sectors of finance and banking, contracting and hospitality, in addition to food, jewellery and machinery.

According to latest statistics, the overall number of Indian companies exceeded 3200 firms.

India is also among the main exporters of food products, spices and fruit to Bahrain, in addition to mechanical equipment and technological devices.

Bahrain’s exports to India expanded to include, apart from oil and byproducts, to include aluminum items, raw materials, steel, salt, cement and fertilizers.

According to a report issued by the Indian Industries Association, Indian non-oil exports to Bahrain included mainly non-organic petrochemicals, precious metals, electrical parliaments and other products.