Bahrain School confers degrees to 53 graduates

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Manama, May 30 (BNA): Bahrain School celebrated the graduating class of 2022 at the iconic Bahrain National Theater.

The fifty-three graduates represented 14 different nations - Algeria, Bahrain, Canada, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, United States, and Venezuela – in a clear demonstration of the international dimension of the school.

The ceremony began with the playing of the Royal Anthem of Bahrain and the U.S. national anthem.

Sahar Hatim Dadabai, Senior Class President, delivered the graduates' speech in English and Maria ElKhoury in Arabic.

The Valedictorian address was read out by Hanna Marguerite Rowe and the Salutatorian address by Peter Sullivan.

In her speech, Bahrain Middle High School Assistant Principal Bernie Camuso said that nine graduates were born in Bahrain, two have attended Bahrain School since kindergarten and three joined the school in their senior year.

She added that 13 students have lived in the Bahrain International School Association (BISA) Dormitory and 35 Students have attended at least two high schools in support of their parents’ careers.

Among the graduates, five have earned an Industry Certification in Technology and Video Communications, she said.

Looking forward, 47 students said they planned to attend a four-year college.

"While we at the Bahrain School are sad to see these students matriculate, we are equally proud of their accomplishments and excited for their future successes," she said.

Bahrain Middle High School Principal Shana Seawright conferred the diplomas to the graduates.