Bahrain School successfully moves from in-person classrooms to online learning

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Manama, Mar. 18 (BNA): Bahrain School, one of the oldest private schools in Bahrain, has been outstanding in moving smoothly from in-person classes to online education.


The school, like all other educational institutions in the Kingdom, suspended classes on February 26 after the Ministry of Education announced that all public and private schools and universities, would be closed as Bahrain tightened measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


“We fully appreciated the importance of the decision and understood its significance for all, students, staff and parents,” Bahrain Middle High School Principal Shana Seawright said.


“We needed just three days to have our digital platforms ready and we went ahead with online courses. While we understand the motives behind the decision by the Bahraini government to shut schools, we are also committed to making sure our students could use their time at home to continue their schooling.”


The school’s Educational Technologist (ET) worked closely with the district experts and they created the platforms tailored to the needs and requirements of the students and teachers in Bahrain.


Links were later sent to students and parents to use the platforms and to engage with the teachers.


Principal Seawright said that the teachers through workshops boosted their confidence around technology and digital platforms and fine-tuned their skills at providing lessons online. Several expert teachers shared their expertise with their colleagues.


“Of course, it took everyone some time to adjust, but there has been since the beginning massive energy about how to deal with the challenges, and the whole experience moved on smoothly,” she said.


“We are delighted with the results as our students continue to receive their education according to the school’s high standards. There is a great sense of responsibility and commitment among the teachers and the students,” the principal said.


Penelope Miller-Smith, Elementary School Principal, said they appreciated "our parent support in assisting students during this time of digital learning.”


“The great merit is that Bahrain School had a quick and unique response to the emergency situation that was not a jump on the online bandwagon that emerged later on. In fact, we offered a good model for those who are just not prepared for online education,” she said.