Bahrain is a leader in promoting global peace, a culture of coexistence and dialogue

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Manama, Sept. 28 (BNA): Ignorance is the first enemy of peace, so it is our duty to learn, share and live together by the tenets of faith within a spirit of mutual respect and love – King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

This noble expression of global compassion and tolerance that goes beyond physical borders, intolerance, fanaticism and rejection of others is the preamble of the Declaration of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain’s peace document to the world.

With such wise and inspiring words, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa drew Bahrain’s approach to peaceful coexistence, dialogue and openness on the world with all its religions, sects, cultures and ethnicities without any discrimination or intolerance.

Through the Declaration’s inspiring meanings, HM King Hamad emphasized the core of the principles of the domestic and international policies of the Kingdom based on guaranteeing the right of religious belief and the practice of worship and living in Bahrain under the blessings of peace, security, love and respect.

Bahrain has exerted great efforts to consolidate and build on these principles as one of the most outstanding outcomes of the comprehensive development process led by HM the King. It is no wonder that Bahrain has had a unique historical experience that it has enjoyed for thousands of years - Peaceful coexistence.

Since its early days thousands of years ago until the present, Bahrain has welcomed all religions, sects and cultures, making it an ideal destination for all those seeking peaceful coexistence, mutual acceptance and freedom of religion.

While manifestations of this freedom are visible everywhere across Bahrain, they are omnipresent in the capital Manama.

Manama stands as an iconic city with a deep-rooted human and civilized heritage, and serves as a remarkable example of a successful meeting point for everyone who came, settled and found a safe place of worship.

Bahrain took the initiative to accommodate all people and their faiths, and has been a leader in hosting the first mosques, churches and temples.

In a world increasingly plagued by violence, intolerance, fanaticism and extremism, Bahrain, living up to its age-old reputation as an oasis of peace and serenity, wanted to help put an end to the ferocious chaos and to the destructive intolerance.

Today, Bahrain boasts of a host of initiatives launched within the last few years to bring cultures, religions, faiths and civilizations closer through open communications and meaningful dialogues.

The initiatives reached different countries and continents, and various faiths and beliefs. The challenges were numerous, but Bahrain’s perseverance, inspired by HM the King’s initiatives, is legendary.

Thanks to HM the King’s vision and endeavors, Bahrain today enjoys a high level of appreciation, respect and international praise for its efforts to promote peaceful coexistence among peoples that contributes to the dissemination of a culture of peace that the world needs lile never before.

Bahrain’s motivation is to spread the language of dialogue based on understanding and peaceful coexistence, regardless of the many differences between religions, sects, races and culture. Such a motivation is based on the belief that the world should build on what unites peoples and brings them closer, and dismiss what separates them.

Hence the importance of the pivotal role of HM King Hamad in fulfilling an enlightened vision that is comprehensive and open to mutual acceptance and peaceful coexistence.