Bahraini women's progress praised

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Manama, Oct. 31 (BNA): Shura Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh today received Bahraini Women’s Society Chairperson Deena Al-Ameer and directors.

Al Saleh praised the role of the society in community awareness regarding the importance of women’s involvement in the legislative affairs and organizing cultural programmes aimed to support women’s empowering in all walks of life.

The Shura chairman affirmed that his patronage of the "Women in the Legislative Field: Experiences and Horizons" Forum reiterates his constant support to the Bahraini women in the political arena. He also hailed the massive participation of civic society organisations inside Bahrain and outside in addition to female members of the Shura and Representatives councils as well as other leading woman activists. 

He wished the Bahraini Women’s Society further progress to support the Bahraini woman issues and their full and effective engagement in building the State of the Institutions and the Law under the Kingdom of Bahrain’s civilizational project .



BNA 1126 GMT 2018/10/31