Bahrain press headlines

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Manama, Oct.12 (BNA): Bahrain dailies issued today focused in their principal headlines on the main local, Arab and international events which happened over the past 24 hours.

The following is a round-up of the main topics:

 - HM King congratulates King of Spain on his country’s National Day.

-HM King sends cable of congratulations to the President of the Equatorial Guinean Republic.

- In a keynote address to the "World Leaders of Love and Peace Summit 2018", HRH the Premier: No development without pace.. No peace without development.

-In implementation of the Fiscal Balance Programme, Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa sets up 6 taskforces to reduce operational expenditure.

-BDF Commander-in-chief inspects military units.

-Foreign Minister hails Egypt’s pivotal role in support joint Arab work.

-Education Minister visits Safra Boys’ School and was briefed on programme to foster citizenship and human rights.

-.Labour minister patronises e graduation ceremony at of the Bahrain Hospital and Retail Institute.

-Southern Governor discusses security cooperation with the Coastguard command.

-Salman bin Ibrahim: organizing the World Youth Festival strengthens Bahrain’s efforts to achieved sustainable development goals.

-Bahrain ranks first in the Arab region on the IMF human resource index.

- Bahrain third placed in the King Abdulaziz Quran competition.

-University of Bahrain draws up plan to switch to computer clouding systems.

-Al-Ahram Cultural Festival concludes.

-Jordanian prime  minister  undertakes mini-cabinet reshuffle.

- Al-Haramain train opens to the public.

-Pompeo: we not finance the reconstruction of Syria in the presence of Iranian forces.