Community Building conference to reflect Bahrain’s diversity, cohesion

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Manama, June 7 (BNA): Bahrain will host on June 10 a conference devoted to discussing the role of all social components in applying the humanitarian and citizenship values.

The aim is to reach a deeper understanding of such values and agree on ways to concretize them in accordance with the visions of the kingdom, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, in a way that would contribute to enhancing the nation’s progress and benefit the whole society.

Themed “Community Building”, the two-day conference organised by the Baháʼí Community will bring together all components of the Bahraini society and will provide an opportunity to the participants to contribute to serving the diverse and cohesive Bahraini community.

The all-inclusive conference will focus on HM the King’s forward-looking vision that has consolidated the Kingdom’s status on the world map.

The vision has provided equal opportunities for all the citizens to take an active part in building the nation by enabling them to play their role in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and harness all their ideas and potentials to serve their society for a more advanced and prosperous country.

The conference will discuss ways to promote community service, considered both an attitude and a behaviour towards others. It is an innate human behaviour that prompts human beings to engage in serving others without expecting anything in return.

The conference will highlight the importance of community service as an expression of the individuals’ sense of responsibility towards others that allows them to be active participants in shaping their community by contributing to public prosperity, understanding social reality and doing their utmost to meet others’ needs.

The consultative nature of the conference will provide the participants with an opportunity to exchange opinions on how groups from a wide spectrum of society, and from all ages, including children and youth, can work constructively together.

Those wishing to learn more about the conference may contact the organisers via the website: