Election monitoring report on electoral process

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Manama, Nov. 24 (BNA): The election monitoring team of the Bahraini Jurists Society observed the following from 8am-4pm. 

General observations: 

1- High turnout of voters at public polling centers and subcommittees.

2-Impartial TV coverage. 

3-Full empowerment of NGOs’ monitoring teams of the electoral process. 

4- Local press freely covered activities at the polling stations. 

5-Public encouragement via social media to take part in the electoral process. 

Detailed observations:

1-The continuity of electoral campaigns, which is in violation of political rights law, Shura and Representatives law.  

2-Photocopying of ballot papers. 

3-A number of staff have mistakenly placed electoral papers in the appropriate ballot boxes.

4-Some candidates have exploited a number of children in their campaigns. 

5-Some voters peeked over other ballot papers, which is contrary to the concept of secret ballot. 

The Jurists Society called on NGOs participating within the elections monitoring teams to be impartial with regard to issuing statements or news on the electoral process to ensure the success of the elections.  


BNA 1659 GMT 2018/11/24