DANAT organizes virtual courses on pearls and diamonds

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Manama, Sept. 9 (BNA): The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) organized remote educational e-learning courses entitled ‘Pearl Principles’ and ‘Diamond Principles’ with an impressive number of participants, which inspired the Institute to expand the duration of the courses from two to five days.

The expansion of the courses reflects DANAT’s success in moving its training programs from a conventional classroom setup to a virtual platform, making them more accessible to everyone under the current circumstances.

The educational e-courses were attended by Bahrain-based, regional and international participants who came from diverse scientific and professional backgrounds with a passion for developing skills and capabilities in the field of learning the principles of pearls and diamonds.

The participants were given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and develop their skills in the field of natural pearls, natural and synthetic diamonds. This was in addition to the types and functions of equipment needed to examine pearls and diamonds and how to classify them.

The e-courses are part of a comprehensive training program organized by DANAT throughout the year and includes a variety of training courses including training business owners on natural pearls, methods of production and examination, in addition to topics on diamonds, and gemstones, tips for buying jewellery and more.

“The success of DANAT in organizing these courses remotely represents a significant step in the Institute’s efforts to provide training in the field of pearls, jewelry and gemstones in the area and around the world, by offering unique training material of international standards,” Noora Jamsheer, DANAT CEO said.


DANAT’s success in transforming these training courses has not only contributed to ensuring continuity of performance but also to the development and expansion of the Institutes training services.

“DANAT has demonstrated its ability to evolve and overcome challenges by leveraging emerging opportunities and contributing to Bahrain's efforts to reviving the natural pearl sector,” she said.