Detailed election roadmap announced

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Manama, Sept.25 (BNA): A three-phased timetable for the forthcoming parliamentary and municipal elections has been announced today.

The Elections Executive Committee unveiled the three-pronged electoral roadmap which features the phases of voters, candidates and polling.

The first phase, which runs from the 27th of September till October3, will be allocated for displaying voters’ lists and submitting applications to change or rectify addresses.

Cutting-edge technologies will be used to display voters’ lists and check names smoothly and quickly so as to enable all eligible citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote and run in the polls.

Checking names van be conducted either by reporting to the polling centre in respective governorate, logging to elections website or calling the elections communication centre 77277277.

Names can also be corrected electronically through the website. The judges working with polling centres will scrutinize applications within three days.

The court will have till the 16th of October to rule on all appeals for final voters’ lists to be set by the 17th of October.  

Under royal order 36 of 208, the door for candidates’ nominations will open on the 17th of October and run until the 21st of the same month. The final lists of candidates who are eligible to run in the parliamentary and municipal elections will be displayed on the 7th of November.

Under the royal order, voters will be requested to report to polling centres to elect members of the Council of Representatives on the 24th of November – from 8 am until 8 pm.

The second round will be held on the 1st of December from 8 am until 8 pm. Overseas elections will be held at embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions on the 20th of November and the second round is set the 27th of the same month.

 The executive committee called upon voters and candidates to comply with the detailed elections timetable to ensure smooth polling without any difficulties.

The fifth parliamentary elections represents another milestone in the reform project and a crucial opportunity to continue developing political life and supporting the democratic process.