Foreign Ministry denounces EU Parliament’s resolution

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Manama, Mar.11 (BNA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the resolution issued by the European Parliament on human rights in Bahrain, citing false allegations and fallacies based on dishonest sources seeking to harm the Kingdom's reputation. 


The ministry expressed dismay at the resolution which was issued without communicating with the elected parliamentary institution and the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to verify the validity of such false allegations.


It pointed out that the resolution touched on issues that affect the identity and values of Bahraini society, which is an unacceptable transgression and a blatant interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom. 


It expressed its deep regret that the resolution blatantly overlooked the progress made by the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of protecting and promoting human rights and ensuring basic freedoms, focusing only, instead, on limited cases without investigating them accurately.


“The resolution also failed to convey the full picture of the development of the human rights process in the Kingdom in its various aspects, contradicting the principles and rules of parliamentary work”, it said in statement today.


It affirmed that respect of human rights and freedoms is an essential national pillar, adding that the Kingdom of Bahrain adopts a proactive and preventive approach regarding any possible allegations of individual cases affecting human right.


It pointed out that the Kingdom is continuously working to enhance the ability to respond to such cases, in accordance with the constitution, laws and norms. 


The ministry said that Bahrain welcomes all concerned international bodies to view its human rights record, programmes and advanced initiatives in this regard.


It added that Bahrain Kingdom has achieved many human rights gains worthy of praise, in light of its open and tolerant society that guarantees all its members all rights and freedoms.