France thanked for role in reunification as Macron visits Berlin

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Berlin, Nov. 11 (BNA): German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier thanked France for its role in Germany's reunification during a Sunday visit from French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin to commemorate 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall.

Following a one-to-one discussion on current political issues, Macron and Steinmeier were to be joined by Chancellor Angela Merkel at a dinner in the president's Berlin residence, Bellevue Castle, according to the Deutsch press agency (dpa).

Both presidents embraced each other warmly before Macron, who had never been to Bellevue Castle before, signed the guest book.

The fall of the Berlin Wall represented a historic turning point that had not only changed Germany and Europe, but the world, Steinmeier's office said in a statement on Macron's visit.

In a more unpredictable world, the Franco-German partnership would become even more important for a united Europe and its good future, his office said.