French frigate Languedoc docks for first time in Bahrain

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Manama, Aug. 17 (BNA): French frigate FS Languedoc docked in Manama for the first port visit in Bahrain of her deployment in the Gulf.


Since May 29 2021, FS Languedoc has been taking part in the European maritime surveillance operation EMASOH that aims at guaranteeing freedom of navigation in the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, while protecting European and international economic interests.


Led by commanding officer Captain Claire Pothier and commissioned in 2017, FS Languedoc is the third multi-purpose destroyer of the French Navy, designed to conduct operations alone or within a task force.


Although her main role is anti-submarine warfare, she can also conduct anti-air and anti-surface warfare missions, as well as land attack.


She is operated by two crews who rotate every four months.


Captain Pothier’s crew took over from their counterparts at the beginning of August during a port visit in Abu Dhabi.