Full compliance with anti-COVID measures crucial for returning to normalcy

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Manama, March. 4 (BNA): Full commitment to the instructions and decisions issued by the National Medical Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus represents the best chance for a faster return to safety, Chief of Medical Services of Salmaniya Medical Complex Dr. Nabeel Ahmed Al Asheeri has said.

Negligence or failure to comply with the procedures or to follow the instructions issued in this regard will compound the situation and lead to a spike in the number of cases, he warned.

Dr. Al Asheeri urged all members of the society to cooperate in respecting social distancing and avoiding large family gatherings at all times and in all places.

They pose an ominous risk in transmitting and spreading the mutated coronavirus, especially since the most of the causes for the increase and speed of the spread of the virus are linked to family gatherings, he said.

Wearing the facemask at various times, washing the hands regularly, sanitizing surfaces, leaving home only when necessary, and getting vaccinated are highly recommended in confronting the virus.

Dr. Al Asheeri called for the highest levels of caution in dealing with the elderly and those with underlying diseases, especially in light of the rapid spread of the mutated coronavirus and stressed that all people have a crucial role in protecting themselves, their families and their community from infection.

The Chief of Medical Services paid tribute to the great commitment of the health workers in the front lines in confronting the virus as he emphasized the need for all people to respond positively to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities and contribute to a return to normalcy as soon as possible.