HM King establishes Sustainable Energy Authority

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Manama, Oct. 24 (BNA): His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued Decree 87 / 2019 establishing the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA).


The SEA will be affiliated to the Cabinet and its president will be appointed by decree.


The SEA is mandated to provide technical support to the concerned authorities in the field of conservation of sustainable energy sources of all kinds, to raise the efficiency and development of their uses, to ensure their safe supply, and to encourage investment in them, in coordination with other relevant authorities.


The SEA carries out the comprehensive assessment of the sources of sustainable energy production and means of raising their efficiency and proposes the general policy in this regard. It provides technical advice to all the producers, distributors and consumers of energy of all kinds, whether governmental, private or joint-venture, manages them and maintain them with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness to stimulate the regular growth of the national economy.


The SEA provides technical support and coordination between governmental and non-governmental entities to propose and implement national sustainable energy goals.


The SEA proposed strategies, policies and procedures for integrated and sustainable planning for all sources of sustainable energy. It rationalizes the use of their sources, conservation and raises the efficiency of their use, while preserving the environment.


The SEA follows up the implementation of the recommendations adopted by the Cabinet through the Executive Committee, especially with regard to the implementation of strategies and policies with the relevant authorities.


The SEA proposed the national action plan for sustainable energy efficiency and sets national targets and ratios for raising sustainable energy efficiency and participation in the overall energy mix.


The SEA proposes initiatives and projects through which sustainable energy sources are updated and developed to increase the percentage of their contribution to the total energy and achieve the Kingdom's strategies for sustainability, safe supply and ways to implement initiatives and projects and to provide them with the necessary support.


The SEA proposes the necessary legislations and regulations regarding the conservation of sustainable energy and the facilitation of their utilization in coordination with the concerned authorities.


The SEA is mandated with capacity building, training and cooperation with research institutions, institutes and universities in the field of sustainable energy research, development, efficiency and conservation.


The SEA proposed incentives that will encourage sustainable energy initiatives and projects, capacity building, training and cooperation with research institutions, institutes and universities, and interaction with the community and relevant bodies and institutions, in cooperation with the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies.


The SEA prepares and promotes awareness and education programs in the field of the use of sustainable energy sources, conservation and upgrading their efficiency. It also organizes exhibitions and conferences, and prepares training courses in the field of sustainable energy conservation for all parties, in cooperation with the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies.


The SEA monitors the performance of the sustainable energy sector, develops technical and economic indicators on the extent to which the strategic objectives of sustainable energy and efficiency initiatives and the transition to a low-carbon economy are being achieved.


The SEA directs the private sector and activates its role in the conservation of sustainable energy, and stimulates it to establish private or joint ventures with other entities that aim to raise energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy sources to generate electric power, in accordance with the rules in force in this regard.


The SEA provides consultancy and studies to the private sector on sustainable energy sources and ways to conserve and optimize their utilization. The SPEA determines the remunerations for the provision of such consultations and studies.

The Sustainable Energy Centre (SEC) established by Decree 22 /2019 is repealed.