HRH Premier calls for strengthening global partnership to implement SDGs

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Manama, Oct. 11 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has called for strengthening the global partnership and coordinating the efforts of the international community to implement the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations, on the basis of a spirit of solidarity and cooperation that is focused in particular on the needs of the most needy communities and groups. 

HRH Premier stressed the importance of this global partnership in overcoming the challenges associated with the implementation of SDGs through the efforts of the United Nations and the promotion of cooperation among countries in the interests of humanity and its protection. 

The Prime Minister pointed out that the SDGs are of a global nature, hence the importance of partnership and coordination by all countries and all stakeholders to implement them.

HRH Premier said that the Kingdom of Bahrain accords high priority to the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the role of global partnership in this regard, based on its achievements in attaining the Millennium Development Goals. 

"The  Kingdom of Bahrain has always strived to raise the living standards of its citizens, across all development aspects, as recognised in its development plans and strategies, and which address the priorities of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, he said. 

HRH the Prime Minister made the statements while addressing the "World Leaders of Love and Peace Summit 2018" held today in the Austrian capital Vienna under the theme "Transforming Our World: a Global Partnership for Sustainable Development". 

The speech was delivered on behalf of HRH Premier by Shaikh Hussam bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Committee on HRH Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for Sustainable Development. 

Present at the reception were Dr. Hong Tao Tze, President of the World Federation of Peace and Love,  HIRH Archduchess Herta Margarete von Habsburg of Austria-Tuscany, President, Association for the Furtherance of Peace, HIRH Archduke Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Tuscany, the Vice -President, Association for the Furtherance of Peace, Mr. Woller Ernst, the First President of the Vienna Provincial Parliament, and United Nations senior officials. 

In the speech, HRH Premier said that through the expansion of its development strategies and government programs, Bahrain has continued to build on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals. 

 "Even prior to the Millennium Development Goals and long before sustainable development was being discussed at this scale, Bahrain had already made significant advancements in  development areas; for example, in providing free education, eradicating illiteracy, empowering women, promoting equal opportunities, eradicating poverty, upgrading healthcare, improving life expectancy, and expanding the scope of social security, amongst many other initiatives. All of these are guaranteed to all, without discrimination, by the Constitution and are supported and delivered through public policies," HRH Premier said.  

The Prime Minister added that challenges remain on a regional and global level, but Bahrain remains confident that these can be overcome through the efforts of the United Nations in promoting peace and cooperation among countries for the benefit and protection of humanity. 

HRH Premier reiterated that there is no development without peace and no peace without development. He praised the international community's determination to promote peaceful, just and inclusive communities through the global partnership for sustainable development. He also stressed that the World Summit of Love and Peace for 2018 comes at an important time in which the world needs to work together to make important contributions to the promotion of the global partnership for sustainable development. He expressed his sincere wishes to the summit and its participants for success in their noble endeavors. 

The Prime Minister also hailed the efforts of the World Federation for Peace and Love under the chairmanship of His Excellency  Dr. Hong Tao Tse and the Association for the Furtherance of Peace under the chairmanship HIRH Archduchess Herta Margarete von Habsburg of Austria-Tuscany, for  her cooperation in organising this summit around the world through cultural exchange and outstanding performances to ring the bell of world peace and love to advance the noble cause of peace.  


Dr. Hong Tau Tse, President of the World Federation for Peace and Love, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by His Royal Highness the Prime Minister to promote international cooperation in the field of peace and the achievements made in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of sustainable development.

"Having stood the test of time, culture is the most precious asset shared by all nations and all humanity, be it tangible or intangible, so the United Nations is keen to protect cultural heritage around the world. The core of culture is about humans. The gems of our ancestors’ wisdom, historical imprints and experiences accumulated through generations are all embedded in our lives to shape our culture and to be passed down to future generations. A fine culture is the foundation of a quality education, and a quality education is essential to sound economic development, leading to a peaceful and prosperous country, Dr. Hong said. 

Then, HIRH Archduke Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Tuscany Vice -President, Association for the Furtherance of Peace expressed his sincere thanks to His Royal Highness Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, for his efforts and dedication to achieving sustainable peace, stressing his keenness to send a delegation headed by Shaikh Hussam Bin Essa Al Khalifa's participation in this event is evidence of His Highness's support and dedication to work for international peace. 

" One statesman in particular who has dedicated his life to the betterment of his people has shown us that it not only that it possible to have positive change while sticking to his values and principals has set example how to create the foundation for lasting friendship and sustainable peace. Please join me in thanking HRH Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa The Prime Minister of the Kingdome of Bahrain for his dedication to sustainable peace, his support, and his friendship, said HIRH Archduke Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen. 

He stressed the need for concerted efforts of all parties and people who believe in the welfare of humanity for a peaceful future. He said it is an unbelievable opportunity for us to take advantage of this great change to make the world a better place for us all. 

"If we want this change to be positive and lasting then it will take the concerted effort of many good willed persons believing in the goodness of mankind and in a peaceful future. Demonstrating to the world the good and positive, he added.  

During the summit,  a number of folkloric shows were performed by a team from the World Federation of Peace and Love about the importance and role of peace in promoting rapprochement between peoples, with Ringing the Peace Bell taking place for the first time on the European continent. In this regard, it has been decided that the upcoming Ringing the Peace Bell ceremony will be held in Bahrain to mark selection of the Muharraq town as the capital of Islamic culture in the Arab world for 2018. 

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, President of Federation of World Peace and Love, handed HE Shaikh Hussam bin Essa Al Khalifa Certificate of Appreciation Presented to the Committee on HRH Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Sustainable Development Award in recognition of its commendable endeavors and advocacy to motivate and encourage individuals, institutions actively involved in the realization of the sustainable development at national, regional and international levels.   

The committee’s advocacy has paved the way and gave the opportunity for more advocates to unite together to build a sustainable future and world peace, he said.   

A number of attendees praised the efforts made by His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, in order to achieve peace and stability in various regions of the world in accordance with a vision that supports the importance of collective action that elevates the human conditions.  They emphasized that Bahrain has been able to provide the world with an embodiment of the willpower and organized work in the field of development, which has gained it an advanced position for many years to come in the field of human and urban development.


BNA 1445 GMT 2018/10/11