Foreign Minister launches Tarasul electronic system

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Manama, Apr. 6 (BNA): Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani launched today “Tarasul”, an electronic system to remotely manage and record all incoming and outgoing memorandums and attachments, regardless of where the users are.


The e-system has been designed and implemented by technicians at the ministry’s Information System Directorate.


 The minister, the assistant foreign minister, the undersecretaries, assistant undersecretaries and directors were remotely briefed by the specialists at the Information System Directorate on the technical advantages provided by the e-system for those working at the ministry and at the diplomatic missions abroad as well as on the system’s ability to provide follow-up mechanisms for electronic correspondences, archiving, search and review.


 Al Zayani expressed thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the information technology specialists in implementing several technical applications that will help in creating a motivating working environment to speed-up and enhance the work.


He added that the ministry is hoping to develop its administrative work by using information technology as it facilitates the work flow for the employees.


The minister stressed the need of adopting a comprehensive and advanced training programme to provide administrative employees with the skills to navigate this system.


Director of the Information System Directorate Ali Al Aradi said the system was achieved in 30 days to be precise, a record speed, and relying solely on the efforts of the employees of the directorate. He noted that the current stage of the system includes correspondences between the ministry’s directorates and the diplomatic missions abroad.


Features of the system were discussed with the ministry’s officials who remotely attended the meeting.