Foreign Ministry launches virtual assistance service

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Manama, Apr. 6 (BNA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a virtual assistance service “Ask MOFA” which is a new channel to provide electronic services using artificial intelligence technology to communicate and interact around the clock throughout the entire week with citizens and residents to answer their questions and inquiries regarding all services provided by the ministry and the diplomatic missions abroad. 


This e-service will provide inquirers with immediate support through common inquiries and frequently asked questions, while also helping them to activate a live chat if needed in order to provide efficient and high quality services. 


The service was launched through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, website: “". This service will also be added to the ministry’s smartphone application, “Wejhati”, in the very near future.


In this regard, the Director of the Information System Directorate, Ambassador Ali Jassim Alaradi added that in light of the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop services and give inquirers the chance to experience unconventional methods of communication, and in accordance with the government’s objectives for e-services, the “Ask MOFA” was launched to be the first governmental service of its kind, using artificial intelligence technology.