HRH the Prime Minister and HRH the Crown Prince attend the 2019 Government Forum

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Manama, Oct. 6 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, today attended the 2019 Government Forum held at the Isa Cultural Centre.


During the Forum, HRH the Prime Minister highlighted the government’s continued commitment to develop the quality and efficiency of its services in order to support sustainable development efforts.


HRH the Prime Minister further highlighted that enhancing the efficiency of government services and simplifying government procedures is central to meeting the aspirations of citizens, and is a true indicator of the Kingdom’s progress and development.


HRH the Prime Minister noted that the Kingdom of Bahrain, under the leadership of HM the King, continues in achieving it’s desired goals and ambitions.


HRH the Prime Minister emphasized that government’s wide-ranging priorities are designed to fulfil the aspirations of Bahrain’s citizens, to build on recent achievements and to ensure continued sustainable development. In this regard, HRH the Prime Minister noted that the Kingdom continues to capitalise on opportunities to enhance its global competitiveness.


HRH the Prime Minister then commended HRH the Crown Prince’s continued efforts in further developing government performance and service delivery. 


HRH the Prime Minister directed all government executives to continue development efforts, and ensure an open door policy to citizens in order to understand their various needs.


HRH the Prime Minister then underscored the importance of overcoming current challenges and working towards constructive cooperation based on an innovative vision to further enhance the Kingdom’s competitiveness, noting the importance of meeting the needs of citizens and guaranteeing continued growth and a prosperous future for all. 


HRH the Prime Minister also noted that the government is steadfast in enhancing governance and following-up on the completion of various projects against set milestones, using integrated electronic systems, which assist in determining the achievements of these projects.  


HRH the Prime Minister highlighted that the Kingdom of Bahrain was able to overcome many regional and international challenges, because of its flexible economic policies, and its far-reaching initiatives, which have maintained and supported its sustainable development efforts. 


HRH the Prime Minister expressed his aspirations to continue building on the Kingdom’s achievements, to ensure the Kingdom’s leading regional position. HRH the Prime Minister concluded by commending the Government Forum, which has contributed to the development of ideas and policies that serve the government’s efficiency.


HRH the Crown Prince then highlighted that the public sector departments gathered at the Government Forum were there to further strengthen confidence and renew their determination to meet the needs and aspirations of Bahrain’s citizens, in line with the Kingdom’s comprehensive sustainable development, led by HM the King.


HRH the Crown Prince expressed his gratitude and appreciation to HRH the Prime Minister for patronising the fourth edition of the Government Forum, noting HRH the Prime Minister’s continued support to further develop the government’s performance and operational efficiency, aimed at benefiting the Kingdom and its citizens.


HRH the Crown Prince added that the Government Forum has become an important platform that contributes to the formulation of the government’s far-reaching development strategies and initiatives, ensuring further progress for the Kingdom and its citizens.


HRH the Crown Prince noted the importance of continuing to enhance the quality and delivery of government services to all citizens, residents, investors, and visitors, and that the advancement of quality services is vital in order to reaffirm consumer confidence in government services.


HRH the Crown Prince stressed the Kingdom’s continued commitment to provide quality public service delivery by promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness in order to drive long-term economic development.


A short film was then screened highlighting the public sector’s main achievements in improving efficiency whilst offering wide-ranging good quality services.


HRH the Prime Minister then presented awards in recognition of the outstanding performance of several government departments, and congratulated them on their successes. HRH the Prime Minister praised their outstanding efforts to improve their services to citizens and their work performance, which helps ensure the Kingdom’s prosperous future.


The awarded entities are as follows:


Government Best Practices Award:

·       Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the National e-platform to build a strategic model for governance of international partnerships

·       Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, the Civil Aviation Affairs - For the Al Nawras electronic flight permissions and scheduling system

·       Ministry of Interior, Customs Affairs – For the Ofoq electronic trade facilitation system of Bahrain Customs


Customer Service Excellence Award for customer support via Tawasul:

·       Survey and Land Registration Bureau

·       Ministry of Education

·       Ministry of Finance and National Economy

·       Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications

·       Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

·       The Central Bank of Bahrain

·       The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities

·       Ministry of Housing

·       The Capital Governorate

·       Electricity and Water Authority

·       The Real Estate Regulatory Authority

·       Information & eGovernment Authority

·       The Education & Training Quality Authority

·       The Bahrain Institute of Public Administration

·       The Northern Governorate

·       Muharraq Municipality


BNA 1254 GMT 2019/10/06