Health Ministry urges compliance to precautionary measures to reduce COVID-19 infections

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Manama, Jan.10 (BNA): The Ministy of Health urged full compliance with the mandatory precautionary measures for combating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


It stressed the importance of implementing preventive measures as prescribed by competent authorities to succeed in curbing the pandemic and reducing infections which surged recently due to increasing number of contact cases.  


“The application of these precautionary measures is a national duty”, said the ministry in a statement today, warning against the danger of complacency and recklessness on society.


It urged adherence to wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, limiting gatherings to the same family at home and the social environment within the usual and limited range, stressing the need to  avoid outdoor closed spaces in order to reduce the rates of infections within society.


It stressed the need to commit to health protocols, call hotline 444 immediately when feeling any symptoms related to the virus, and follow the instructions to avoid any serious health complications, especially for children, the elderly and those with chronic diseases.


“The complications of the virus may affect different age groups from the existing active cases cases”, said the ministry  reiterating the call to adhere to precautionary measures to reduce the number of new existing cases.