Health Undersecretary: Full medical services and healthcare available to all inmates

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Manama, Aug.3 (BNA): Dr. Waleed Al Manea, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health has reiterated that the healthcare provided to inmates at Reformation and Rehabilitation Centres remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and is of the same high standards provided to all citizens and residents of Bahrain.


Dr. Al Manea noted that full precautionary measures, medical protocols and guidelines are applied consistently to protect the health and ensure the safety of all inmates.


Integrated health care services are delivered around the clock by specialized medical personnel from the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, whilst ensuring the strict application of COVID-19 precautionary measures.


Dr. Al Manea stressed that healthcare in Reform and Rehabilitation Centres meets all medical standards and that among the services provided to inmates are primary health care services, specialized medical services, mental health services, social care and ongoing monitoring of chronic diseases, in addition to supportive medical services that include a medical laboratory and physical therapy.


The Undersecretary has reviewed the medical services provided to inmates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, noting the provision of online medical consultations and the implementation of the “visiting consultant” program, guarantee the highest level of medical services and treatment.


Dr. Al Manea said that healthcare services are delivered by consultants and doctors with a range of specializations and that medication and medical examinations are provided through specialized clinics.


In addition, all medical clinics at Reform and Rehabilitation Centres are linked through an integrated medical information exchange system, he said.


The Undersecretary highlighted the development of the Reform and Rehabilitation Centre clinic at Jau, which has further enhanced the quality of medical services available. He commended the laboratory which operates on a daily basis, the sterilization rooms, the provision of oral and dental services and the availability of a full ward service in support of an operating theatre, which in turn is supported by ambulance services available 24 hours a day.


Commenting on recent reports regarding the health of inmate Hassan Mushaima, Dr. Al Manea said that his general health is subject to regular monitoring and care, whilst his lymphoma cancer is in the careful management of a specialized medical centre.


Based on the recommendations of his doctors, he has been admitted to a health centre operated by the Ministry of Health to enable him to receive necessary treatment, his condition remains stable, he added.


Dr. Al Manea further commented on the health of Abduljalil Al Singace, confirming that he has been admitted to a centre operated by the Ministry of Health, and he is receiving all necessary medical care. The inmate remains fully conscious with his vital signs normal, and he is subject to regular monitoring and care.


Dr. Al Manea cautioned against the politicising of important healthcare provision, not least given the recognised high standards of care available to all in the Kingdom.