High Elections Committee issues poll monitoring regulations

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High Elections Committee issues poll monitoring regulations

Manama, Sept.30 (BNA): The High Elections Committee has today issued an edict specifying procedures for monitoring the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The initiative aims engaging the civil society institutions in monitoring the election of the members of the Council of Representatives.

The elections are fully monitored by the judicial branch of government so as to ensure the probity of the polls and promote impartiality and optimize democratic practices.

The procedure aims at monitoring all stages of the electoral process, through on-site follow-up, objective and impartial collection of data to ensure all measures are respected and spot violations.

The monitoring will focus on the polling, the behavior of the candidates, political societies, non-governmental entities and voters to make sure they respect regulations.

The monitors will also report violations which consist in using of worshipping venues, or relying religious-tainted propaganda to promote certain candidates at the detriment of others.

Under the edict, monitors shall be Bahraini nationals, have a good reputation and politically unaffiliated.

Monitors shall not also either candidates running in the elections or legal agents acting on behalf of candidates. They also act in the name of their respective civil society institutions, without requiring membership as a prerequisite.

Civil society institutions wishing to take part in monitoring the elections have till the 5th of November to submit written demands on the third floor of the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments during the official working hours.

The written shall include the monitors’ full names, personal CPR numbers and two photos and fill in the forms which are available on the official elections portal http://secure-web.cisco.com/1ZlmQSMGmxs_juKFCheVtIPMlEXIwdFXqBhHxNfEUwsk3jyn7a6VMAArwCV1u6HJAeZNWgxTB9AXiyxIvmKDg58y85syg85Sy7yiXCwpGh9IEUVCB-HOV-w8CCJW1sHZjuPwz5MyKfu8LTw9PMDN4UJvw2pDOwKwOi_bEHih4cenYjE1oP2l454pOLzwF7DrFNiQlsTHnNOY9pp3Xav2eS_52Ry8PPdlY6OQkSSzPzcx-DoItBKOBvUeLEqWzZzWDDgD2bn1xpSNMFDI48FmCUVoHZANzMowGxzd53ew62A6JegRk6JTzh6MPOXnedv_WR4KmwO76ZH0dUv227OUm0SDWQYDUVDM7HX0PmJFPkIQ/http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vote.bh.

Civil society institutions taking part in monitoring the elections are required each to appoint coordinators to liaise with High Elections Committee and report any violations instantly.

Once appointed, coordinators shall undersign a mandatory undertaking to commit to monitoring ethics and regulations.