High-level conference on Yemen begins in New York

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New York, Sept. 22 (BNA): Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs, Khalid Al Yamani and the Secretary-General of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Dr Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, opened a high-level Conference on Yemen entitled, 'Challenges of Political Solution, Humanitarian Action, Restoring Stability and Reconstruction'.


The conference was organised by GCC Secretariat-General in cooperation with the government of Yemen in New York, in the presence of representatives of the 19 countries which are sponsoring the political process, along with representatives of international and regional organisations concerned with humanitarian and development affairs.


Dr. Al-Zayani, in his opening speech, expressed thanks and appreciation to the Yemeni government and the GCC Secretariat-General for their dedicated efforts to arrange for the high-level conference.


He stressed the importance of the conference aid the efforts being exerted to put an end to the suffering of the brotherly Yemeni people through reaching a political solution to the crisis that preserves Yemen’s security, stability and sovereignty, noting that the Houthi militia is still obstructing efforts to reinstate the political process through its military escalation, threatening of maritime navigation in the Red Sea and launching of ballistic missiles at Saudi cities.


He pointed out that GCC countries had provided financial aid within the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan this year, including $ 500 million by the UAE, $ 500 million by Saudi Arabia and $ 250 million by Kuwait.


He highlighted the GCC countries’ interest in re-building Yemen and facilitating its economy’s rehabilitation, expressing regret over the Houthi militia’s refusal to attend Geneva peace talks.


The GCC chief stressed that reaching a political solution to the Yemeni crisis necessarily requires the UN Security Council and the International Community to exert serious pressure to oblige the coup militia to abide by the international resolutions and engage in the political process.


He underlined the GCC’s firm stance in support of the legitimacy in Yemen, as well as of the UN efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis there, in accordance with the GCC Initiative and its executive mechanisms, the outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue and the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2216.


The Yemeni Foreign Minister, in his statement, said that the current crisis in Yemen is the outcome of the Houthi militia’s coup against the political transition process which resulted from the GCC Initiative in 2011, noting that the Houthis resorted to military escalation since 2014.


He stressed the UN Security Council’s full support for Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and legitimacy, under the leadership of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.


He affirmed that the Yemeni government will always support sustainable peace that is based on the three references, calling on the International Community to exert pressure on the Houthi militia to comply with the will of the Yemeni people, and to face Iran’s terrorist agenda in the region in order to achieve lasting peace in Yemen.