Korea's presidential office morphed into Minecraft world to celebrate Children's Day

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Seoul, May 5 (BNA): High-tech South Korea has made sure that the country's younger people could celebrate their annual Children's Day despite the social repercussions of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Introduced in South Korea 1923, Children's Day has been celebrated on May 5 since 1945. The legislation of the Child Welfare Act in 1961 gave the day legal status. In 1975, it was designated a public holiday. The act also designated May 1 to 7 as “Children’s Week”.


According to the act, Children’s Day is designated “for children to grow up to be honest, lovely, sensible and valiant, by enhancing the spirit of loving and protecting the children.”


On May 5, the president of Korea traditionally receives children and celebrates their special day with them.


However, this year and with all the special rules taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, there had to be a change.


"COVID-19 has brought about violent changes in every aspect of living across the continents and cultures," Peter Jaegeul Song, a Korean journalist, said.

"Social distancing is bringing about changes in the behaviour of people.

Korea has tried something new on its national holiday to surprise the world once again with its innovative methods and think of ways to have more amicable relationships with the public."


For the occasion, South Korea's presidential office morphed into a Minecraft world for the children unable to make their annual Children's Day visit because of the coronavirus.


"Korea's President Moon Jae-In has decided to greet the children in Minecraft. The President and the First Lady, Kim Jung-sook, have appeared on the entrance of the Blue House, the Korean presidential residence, that is artificially built within the world of Minecraft. The video shows the couple wishing the best to the kids and guiding them through the Blue House," Peter Jaegeul Song said.


"It is the first attempt of this kind and the kids love it. History will tell what this encounter means to Korea and its future generations as a whole. Koreans have successfully defended their children successfully against COVID-19 and the country is now opening the new doors to new areas of communication. Who would have thought the presidential couple would be communicating with the kids in the world of Minecraft? "