LMRA calls on expat workers to verify legal status

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Manama, Oct. 12 (BNA): The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) called on all expatriate workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain to have their legal status verified, to preserve their rights and avoid legal accountability. 


The Authority affirmed that the Kingdom has worked to develop the legal tools and legislative structures to guarantee labour rights, especially those of expatriate workers.


It stressed the need for workers to observe all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom, including the LMRA and Residency Laws. 


The LMRA highlighted that based on the regulatory processes adopted in the Kingdom, an expatriate worker must obtain an official work permit from an employer in the Kingdom before arrival.


It stressed that the law prohibits an expatriate from illegally engaging in employment on a visit visa, and violators will be prosecuted through fines and deportation. 


The LMRA stressed the need for expatriate workers to complete all legal procedures related to the work permit, including providing the Authority with biometric data within one month upon entering the Kingdom for the first time.


It also noted the need for expatriates with working permits to work at places indicated in the permit, or in other branches of the same employer that engage in the same activity.


The LMRA highlighted that the law requires the employer to bear all fees imposed on the worker, including health insurance costs, and prohibits the worker from providing any money or benefits to the employer in exchange for the issuance or renewal of a work permit. In cases of expat worker transfers, LMRA advises workers to cease working for the current employer until full transfer is completed and a new work permit is issued under the new employer. 


The LMRA expressed its commitment to safeguard and protect the rights of workers, including those who are forced to work by employers, non-payment of wage disputes, and any potential crimes of trafficking. The LMRA urges expats to contact the designated centres to receive full support and guidance.


The LMRA stated that inquiries can be directed to the Expatriate Workers Protection and Support Centre on the hotline 995, which works around the clock in several languages.