Mexicans in Bahrain celebrate Independence Day within Food and Culture Festival  

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By Nayla Barakat

Manama, Sept. 18 (BNA): Mexicans in Bahrain have celebrated with great fanfare Mexico's Independence Day and culture within the Mexican Food and Culture Festival.

The festival, held on September 15-23 at the Gulf Hotel, showcases traditional folk dance, exhibits, paintings by visiting artists and other forms of entertainment.

It highlights the ‘Mehico’ culture after the world has eased down after a long COVID pandemic hiatus.

The performances from the Miriachi performers combine with traditional dancers from the Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Educación in Mexico flown in especially for the festival.

Mexico's Ambassador to Bahrain Anibal Gomez Toledo,

who led the National Day celebrations in Manama, said that his country eyed deeper engagement on trade, tourism, investment with Bahrain.

Mexico is keen on strengthening the existing friendly relations with Bahrain by exploring the avenues of co-operation in trade, tourism, investments, and other areas of common interest, he said.

Toledo, who is based in Riyadh, said that the diplomatic relations between the two countries have been very friendly since their establishment in 1975.

The growth of bilateral efforts will be strengthened through exchanging of visits and holding dialogue on cultural and investment and other vital areas that can help bolster the relations.

"The Mexican national day celebrations in Bahrain are a first step towards creating a cultural and social harmony between the people of both countries. I have been visiting Bahrain on a regular basis," he said.

The Mexican community is small in Bahrain, yet very vibrant and consists of professionals and businesspeople.

Mexico is always open for tourism and it is one of the top 10 countries receiving international visitors every year, he said.

"We would like to have more people from Bahrain visiting Mexico. Gulf tourists’ top destination is the US, and if you have a US visa, you do not need a Mexican visa."

He said that a Mexican film festival might be held soon in Bahrain.