NSSA holds Code in Space virtual session

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Manama, Feb.10 (BNA): The National Space Science Authority (NSSAled a virtual awareness session yesterday, February 9, to discuss more details about the recently launched "Code in Space" initiative.


The NSSA carried out the session in cooperation with the (Orbital Space). which is a private space company operating in the  United Arab Emirates.


The session was moderated by Dr. Mohammed Al-Othman, Technical Advisor to the National Space Science Authority (NSSA), and Dr. Bassam Al-Faily, Founder and General Manager of "Orbital Space".


The first part of the session highlighted the importance of the initiative, its objectives, topics that can be addressed and worked on, as well as the registration mechanism.


As for the second part, it focused focused mainly on answering all the questions and inquiries directed by the attendees, whose number exceeded 50 participants/


 The Code in Space initiative provides the opportunity for high school and university students interested in space, individually or as part of a group, to submit proposals and software and the winner will be have the opportunity to be on board a micro-satellite orbiting a low Earth orbit


Fore more information about the initiative and participation, you can get updated via the NSSA Instagram @nssa_bh and other social media platforms, or visit website: www.nssa.gov.bh. To view the full recording of the awareness session, you can visit the NSSA YouTube channel: NSSA Bahrain.