Ombudsman Office: Medical care provided for inmates infected with COVID-19

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Manama, Mar. 28 (BNA): The Office of the Ombudsman has affirmed that it has followed up closely on the conditions of some active COVID-19 cases in the Jaw Correction and Rehabilitation Centre, and the assistance requests it has received from some inmates’ families to inquire about their health conditions.

In a press statement, the Office of the Ombudsman said that it had reviewed the requests with the management of the Jaw Correction and Rehabilitation Centre, through collecting information from the available official documents.

The Office found out that the Centre’s management is implementing the health measures and the medical protocol recommended in such situations, whereby the patients are isolated in the designated places, and provided with the necessary treatment and integrated medical care under the supervision of a specialised medical team from the Ministry of Health.

The Office of the Ombudsman stressed the need not to spread panic among the families of inmates, as all segments of society are vulnerable to infection with the virus, not just inmates, adding that the medical competencies deal with all COVID-19 patients, whether in prisons or outside them, in the same way.

The Office affirmed that all the inmates who had joined the General Directorate of Correction and Rehabilitation’s voluntary immunisation campaign had received the vaccines of their choice, and that the remaining ones can still register for vaccines.