Photographers to share culture stories in Art City

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By Fatima AlNajem

Manama, Apr. 22 (BNA): Outstanding stories from Bahrain and well beyond captured through the lenses of 29 male and female photographers will go on display at Bahrain Photographic Society’s first annual exhibition.


The “Cultures ... Stories in Pictures” exhibition, co-organized by CAD World Art and Bahrain Art Gallery, will be inaugurated on April 25 at 7 pm at Art City at the City Center and will be held under the patronage of iconic photography figure Abdullah Khan.

“The exhibition represents the essence of experiences within the Kingdom and the cultural and artistic travels of selected photographers to different countries that have diverse cultures,” Bahrain Photographic Society President Shafiq Al Shariqi said.

“It is part of the society’s support of artistic creativity and the enhancement of the visual culture within the community and enrichment of the culture of the image. This explains why, thanks to the positive partnership with the head of the project Mahdi Jallawi, we opted to hold it at the Art City at the City Center.”

Al Shariqi reiterated that Bahrain Photographic Society would renew its trust in the strategies set by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) as among its priorities in supporting cultural and artistic institutions in order to empower them to contribute to strengthening the society intellectually, culturally and technically.

“Bahrain Photographic Society is particularly keen on boosting the capabilities and potential of its young members and on consolidating their artistic presence abroad as they honor Bahrain in Arab and international forums. Last year was filled with achievements and I am thankful to all those who contributed to the success stories,” Al Shariqi said.

“The doors of our society will always be wide open for all young photographers. We are determined to make a difference in the development of the photographic experience in the Kingdom, and we call on the fans of art and photos to attend the exhibition and to participate in the activities of the society.”

Mahdi Jallawi, as the representative of CAD World Art and Bahrain Art Gallery and the brains behind the Art City, hailed the cultural partnership with the Bahrain Photographic Society.

“Our aim is to invest in culture based on the belief in the importance of the cultural and artistic role in building the future of the Kingdom through moving art from closed galleries to open public areas where people become have an active role in the new cultural scene,” he said. “That is how the concept of Art City was created.”

Jallawi is an International award-winning photographer, practicing architect and certified designer.