Qatar intelligence appeal adjourned for ruling on November 4

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Manama, Oct. 15 (BNA): The High Court of Appeals decided to retain the Qatar Intelligence links case against defendants Ali Salman Ali Ahmed, Hassan Ali Juma Sultan and Ali Mahdi Ali Al Aswad for issuance of its ruling on November 4, Advocate General Osama Al Oufi, said. 

The court thoroughly considered the objection lodged by the Public Prosecution against the High Criminal Court’s ruling that acquitted the defendants on charges of establishing intelligence links with Qatar, disclosure of defence secrets, accepting money from a foreign country in consideration of supplying it with Bahrain’s military secrets and information about internal situation, and purposefully spreading false rumours aimed to undermine the Kingdom’s reputation and sovereignty.

Todays' court hearing was also held in public in accordance with the law where the first defendant appeared in the presence of his lawyers. 

The Public Prosecution presented its verbal appeal in which it reviewed the reasons of its objection against the acquittal of the defendants reliant upon reality and the law. The Public Prosecution affirmed that the fully-fledged crime of foreign intelligence was committed by the defendants including communication with Qatari officials, coordinating with them to continue the illegal acts rioting witnessed by the Kingdom in 2011 including acts of murder, gross assault, abduction, incineration and vandalism aimed to prevent Bahraini security forces from maintaining law and order during these incidents. 

The Public Prosecution supported its objection with the content of the telephone call that took place between the first defendant and the then Qatari official Hamad bin Jassim which revealed their agreeing and coordination to block the Peninsula Shield Forces from entering Bahrain and to use any amount of force so as to continue the chaotic incidents blended with crimes to destablise the Kingdom and topple its constitutional regime. 

The Public Prosecution also cited as evidence the content of the telephone call conducted between the second defendant Hassan Sultan and the special adviser of the Amir of Qatar regarding coordination to escalate the incidents and to use Qatari government-run Al Jazeera TV which Qatar’s tool to stir strife and topple regimes by broadcasting false allegations and images and to sow sedition as well. 

Both defendant Ali Salman and defendant Ali Al Aswad talked to that TV channel along with members of the (now-) dissolved Al Wefaq society and demanded to overthrow the constitutional regime. The Public Prosecution pointed out that all of these evidences support the testimony of witnesses which proved the connection between anti-government demonstrations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Qatar as well as the details of various communications conducted between the defendants and Qatari officials for the purpose of undermining the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

The Public Prosecution expounded in its explanation of the remaining evidences and in conclusion of its appeal said that all of these evidences strongly prove that the suspects committed the said crimes, and demanded to convict the defendants and issue the maximum penalty against them.


BNA 0917 GMT 2018/10/15