The Ministry of Health's Head of Infection Control highlights the status of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom

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Manama, Feb.26 (BNA): Dr. Safa Al-Khawaja, Infectious Diseases Consultant and Head of Infection Control at the Ministry of Health, confirmed that Coronavirus (COVID-19) infected returnees from Iran are benefiting from the care they receive while in isolation, and are showing signs of recovery.


Dr. Safa went on to note that all COVID-19 patients at Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Community Medical Center are receiving individual care from a specialised medical team, in line with established global medical protocols.


Dr. Safa underlined that it was thanks to the government’s robust precautionary and preventive efforts that 23 of the total 26 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom have been identified at Bahrain International Airport, affirming that each case detected there was dealt with immediately.


Dr. Safa added that the Kingdom’s comprehensive public health efforts have also led to the identification of 3 additional cases among Bahraini citizens who had returned from Iran prior to Iran announcing the pandemic.


Dr. Safa highlighted that these 3 cases were quarantined at home as a precaution, having initially testing negative after arrival, and were also dealt with swiftly.


Dr. Safa concluded by urging citizens and residents who have visited Iran during February to self-isolate immediately and call 444 to schedule medical examination dates, emphasizing that following established health guidelines intended to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 is an absolute obligation.