University of Bahrain adopts Respondus to monitor exams remotely

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Manama, Nov.20 (BNA):  The University of Bahrain (UoB) has officially approved the online testing application (Respondus) to monitor exams remotely.


UoB e-Learning director Dr. Fay bint Abdulla Al-Khalifa announced the move which is in line with the university’s drive to upgrade its services and keep abreast of the global online learning trends.


She said that the Respondus application serves the interest of students to protect them from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and enable them to sit their exams from home.


The company which developed Respondus stressed the credibility of the application which is used worldwide to monitor around 120 million exams.


The firm pointed out that the online testing platform is being used by up to 1500 academic institutions all over the world, a number which is growing steadily.


Dr. Fay bint Abdulla Al-Khalifa  said that the UoB Electronic Centre has provided the application for the academic staff, adding that the platform will be used to monitor exams in specified courses.


She reassured students that the application had been used to monitor many exams in Bahrain and abroad, adding the university had coordinated with the firm to ensure all safety technical requirements .


“Respondus LockDown Browser is a locked browser for taking assessments or quizzes in Canvas or Moodle to ensure the safety of online exams”, said Dr. Fay bint Abdulla Al-Khalifa.  


“When using this platform to access the exam, the student becomes unable to print, copy, open a new window, go to other websites, or access other applications when starting to take the exam, so that the device is secured until the student submits the exam and finishes it”, she added.