Webinar to highlight studies in France, address myths

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Manama, Mar. 30 (BNA): The first episode of a webinar series about studies in France will be organized on Thursday, the French embassy has said.

During the webinar from 4 pm to 4:30 pm on Facebook and Instagram, Maxime Bos, the Campus France officer, will address five common myths about studying in France and provide all relevant details.

"The current situation across the globe enables us to spend time with family and to enjoy reading," Maxime said.

"It is also an opportunity to consider our and our children's futures. This time of reflection should be a time of knowledge as well. The milestone of anybody future is education and France has a long tradition in that field, with numerous schools and universities that were established centuries ago."

Campus France Bahrain seeks to promote French higher education by providing information to institutions and students and assisting Bahrainis and expatriates residing in Bahrain who wish to pursue academic projects at a higher education institution in France.