Over 124,000 citizens verify names on voter lists in two days

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Manama, Sept. 16 (BNA): Legislation and Legal Opinion Chairman, 2022 Elections Executive Director, Chancellor Nawaf Abdulla Hamza, has announced that more than 124,000 citizens have already verified their names on the voter lists by visiting the official website of the elections (www.vote.bh), or reporting to their local supervisory committees.

Hamza asserted that the large number reflects the citizens’ high electoral awareness, and their keenness to review their data on the lists, be informed about their constituencies and submit correction requests, if any.

He indicated that the number of eligible voters who verified lists in two days this year, is bigger than that in 2018, when only 81,000 citizens verified their names on the lists three days after their display.

It is to be noted that the Executive Committee of the elections announced that the lists of voters would be displayed in the four supervisory committees for one week, from September 15 to 21.

Technical, logistic and administrative preparations have all been undertaken to receive voters in the four supervisory committees – Capital Governorate (Khawla Secondary Girls’ School), Muharraq Governorate (Al Hedaya Al Khalifiya Scondary Boy’s School), Northern Governorate (Yathrib Intermediate Girls’ School) and the Southern Governorate (Al Moustaqbel Primary Girls’ School), during the aforementioned period from 05:00 pm until 09:00 pm, the panel also said.

The lists will also be available electronically on the official election website, vote.bh, in order to enable voters to inquire about their constituencies, submit requests to change and correct their data in a way that does not require personal attendance to the centres, the committee added.