Education Minister honors 33 schools for being awarded "Technology Incubator Schools" status by Microsoft

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Manama, Sept. 26 (BNA): Education Minister Dr. Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi has honored the principals of 33 public and private schools for being awarded the "Technology Incubator Schools" status according to the classification of Microsoft, after participating in the programme offered by the company, alongside other schools around the world.

The scheme aims to raise the efficiency of the educational system and enhance students’ standard through an array of cutting-edge modern learning strategies that push forward digital transformation, development momentum and cultivate creativity and innovation, keeping abreast of the 21st Century Skills.

Marking the occasion, the Minister of Education commended the efforts made to bring about the achievement by benefiting from the King Hamad Schools of the Future project and digital transformation.

The number of schools in Bahrain who obtained the title from Microsoft has gone up from 14 last year to 33 this year. Some schools were able to grab the title for the second consecutive time.

The meeting was attended by the Education Ministry Undersecretary for Policies and Strategies, Nawal Al-Khater, and a number of officials.

It is worth noting that the schools which received the title for the second consecutive time are Sitra Primary Boys School, the Primary Religious Institute, Al-Andalos Primary Girls School, Naseeba bint Ka’ab Primary Girls School, Ibn Sina Primary Boys School, Al-Malikiya Primary-Intermediate Girls School, Halima Al-Sadiya Intermediate Girls School, Hidd Secondary Girls School, Saar Secondary Girls School and Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Secondary Boys School.

Meanwhile, the schools which received the title for the first time are Amena bint Wahb Primary Girls School, Sehla Primary Girls School, Oqba Ibn Nefa Primary Boys School, Umm Ayman Primary Girls School, Imam Al-Tubari Primary Boys School, Busaiteen Primary Boys School, Ain Jalout Primary Girls School, Al-Rawdha Primary Girls School, Sukaina Bint Al Hussain Primary Girls School, Safira Primary-Intermediate Girls School, Yathreb Intermediate Girls School, Umm Kalthoum Intermediate Girls School, Umm Salama Intermediate Girls School, East Riffa Intermediate Girls School, Umm Al-Qura Primary-Intermediate Girls School, Zalaq Primary-Intermediate Girls School, Jidd Hafs Secondary Technical Boys School, Al-Ahd Al-Zaher Secondary Girls School, Jidd Hafs Secondary Girls School, Ahmed Al Omran Secondary Boys School, Sitra Secondary Girls School, Al Marefa Secondary Girls School and Tylos Private School.