Bahrain press review

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Manama, Nov. 26 (BNA): Bahrain dailies issued today focused in their principal headlines on the main local, Arab and international events which happened over the past 24 hours. The following is a round-up of the main topics:

- Feverish competition for leading positions at the parliament.

- Five MPs vie for the position of Speaker, 2 for Deputy Speaker.

- Education Minister: Increasing the capacity in schools to enroll children with autism. A joint team from Education and Health to diagnose new children with mental challenges and enroll them in public schools in the coming days.

- Massive turnout at malls on the “White Friday”.

- Amena Al-Meer shines with her distinguished designs in Jewelry Arabia.

- Tens killed and injured following the opening of fire by Iranian security on demonstrators.

- Tehran sends armored units to Kurdish areas to prevent infiltration from Iraq.

- France and Germany agree to exchange support in energy supplies.

- At least three killed and 11 injured in shootings in two schools in Brazil.

- The government of Southern Sudan suspends its participation in talks with rebel groups.

- Nursing sector stage strike in Britain amid a historic social crisis.